Zoo - Русская Рыбалка / Крестовский


Just next to Karl and Friedrich can be found the Cheburashka Zoo. Walkers along the main avenue of Primorskiy Park Pobeda always include a visit to the zoo on their route (15 minutes from the Krestovskiy Island metro station).

There are no queues, no tickets, and no banks at the entrance to the zoo. The zoo is very clean and employs qualified experts to feed the animals and check their health regularly, to prepare them for the different seasons, and to clean their cages and houses every day.

The mini-zoo is a constant delight for young people. And the absence of polar bears and Bengal tigers is compensated by the small distance that is maintained between the animals and visitors. So minimal, in fact, that anyone can reach out and touch the animals. But it is probably best not to risk trying to pet the ostriches, for example, which can give a quite hard pinch. If you want to engage the animals, it is better to buy special food in the restaurant (a package of fresh vegetables costs 100 rubles) and feed the animals.

The zoo is home to ostriches, foxes, ponies, deer, donkey, goats and sheep, as well as domestic poultry breeds, storks and owls. But the «fluffies» – or ordinary rabbits – are usually the most interesting for the children. Sometimes they hide in their houses, but usually they run right under the feet of the visitors to the zoo, causing squeals of delight from the children. Catching one of the rabbits can take a long time. Some manage to catch and hold a rabbit in their arms, but for most the pursuit is usually more than enough. In any case, both children and adults leave the zoo in a good mood.

To add to your nature experience, you can walk to the nearby Russian Fishing and have a look at the sturgeon, which are bred there in special cages. This fishing spot is also home to a well-settled family of ducks and ducklings that are easily attracted with treats. Feeding them is a fitting end to any walk.

Zoo Opening Hours – 09:00 to 21:00
Please direct all questions and suggestions concerning the zoo to kif-rr@mail.ru